Saturday, October 9, 2010

Animals Should be Happy

We do our best to make sure our animals are treated right.  Beyond just being the right thing to do, it makes managing them that much easier.  Siruis Black is our new registered Berkshire boar.  He's about 25 or 30 pounds right now and he loves to get pet.  We're working on having him establish a strong relationship with people so when he's 500 pounds he's safe to be around.

Sirius Black

If you get him at the right time and the right spot, he'll sit and lie down like a dog.

Jack is our new Angora goat.  He's a sweetheart.  He jumps up to be pet and grab a snack.  I've been trying to break one of our dogs of that habit for the last year, but it's a neat habit with a goat.

Jack the Angora Goat

Of course making the animals happy is sometimes easier said than done.  I'm doing some shuffling with the goats to move our pygmy buck Otis out of the pygmy herd so our new Angora Buck, Jack, can join the girls.  We're starting a line of Pygora Goats and the two bucks will be sires for different genetic lines so we can produce breeding pairs of the Pygoras.  Let's just say that Otis is not a happy Camper.  He's a rather jealous bully at this point and is insisting on escaping from whatever fencing solution I put together to keep him separated.  Hopefully he won't hold a grudge too long.

Otis, angry & waiting for a quick fence repair

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