Monday, October 4, 2010

he's a happy farmer

John's FB status from this evening:
MMMMM. Rotisserie chicken (yes we raised it) smoked with hickory that I split this afternoon, potatoes and onions from the garden roasted with garlic and cheese, butternut squash (garden of course) baked in butter and brown sugar and a variety of peppers sauteed in olive oil and carmelized sugar.
It is deeply satisfying to my husband when we sit down to a meal that is primarily sourced from our own land.

I readily confess that I do not share that feeling. I am glad that we are eating healthfully -- and deeply grateful that we are providing our children with foods that are minimally contaminated by the toxins, additives, "processing" etc that have flooded our nation's food supply. And I am grateful that this way of providing for ourselves is more sustainable, less cruel, and generally more aligned with our values. But I can't say that I get as much pleasure or joy from it as John does.

However, I have no doubt that if I expended as much mental and physical energy on the farming as he did -- I probably would derive a greater sense of satisfaction. Or maybe not...

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