Sunday, October 3, 2010

here we go

So, I received the e-mail invite this morning to join John on this new blogging venture. He wants to blog about our "farm" and we thought it would be interesting to hear both of our voices as we document/discuss/describe this aspect of our life. I am very tired this am as I am still harboring trace rogue elements of this cold and we got in late after a very fun [and long overdue] evening hanging out with our friends the McIntyre's. It is an abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous fall day -- PERFECT-- weather. So of course we are all indecisive and ambivalent about how to spend it... and now it is 12:30 and we are still basically just puttering around. Though I think I did hear the thunk ... thunk ... thunk that may be John chopping wood out back.

I've done the blogging thing many times over the last decade... different ones for different purposes. The only one that has had any real continuity is my private one at LJ. So we shall see if this one "takes." I like the idea of sharing it with John. Intriguing for several reasons. Though I don't anticipate my entries being as "farm" focused as his are. We shall see...

One thought. When I clicked over on the e-mail link to officially join this blog as an author, and I saw the design John had set up, my first thought was: "whoa, where did he steal that photo from?" It captured such a lovely pastoral feel, I was sure he ganked it from some other site. And then I realized that it was a photo of our own place, and our own drive, and our own geese. Hmmm... I don't think I fully realize how nice we have it here.

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